Some of Our Products

SACCOS Management System SAHA is full functional SACCOS management system. It is used to Manage Members, Savings, Shares, Deposits, Loans, Income, Expenditures, and Also it automatically prepares all important SACCOS reports and standard financial reports. Demo check this link: $1,615
Sales and Stores Management System Complete System For Managing Stores and Sales Records. For Demo Check here $438
VICOBA Management System Complete Cloud based VICOBA management System. You can manange Members, Social Contributions, Shares and Loans, Not only that but all Income and Expenditure records plus preparing financial reports.rn Demo Check here: $546
Hospital Management System Full Cloud based Hospital Management System for Managing Hospital information from Reception, OPD, Doctor Consultations, Lab checkup to Wards. For Demo check this link: $4,364
Microfinanace Management System Complete System For Managing Micro Finance Institution. For Demo Check here: $1,615
Loan Management System Loan Manager is fully functional PHP loan management system. Loan Manager can be used to manage borrowers from first steps of loan acquisition to loan repayments. Loan Manager simplifies the process by automating the tasks involved like auto calculationsrnof interests using standard methods within and preparing amortization schedule (Repayment Schedule). For Demo click this link: $655

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